STEP 1: Informal Chat

Possible phone chat to discuss your thoughts, date & venue of wedding

Discuss  legal documentation required to lodge  the Notice of Intended Marriage & timeframes  form (NOIM)

Confirm  your contact details so I can send you some information

If you feel we have "clicked" then we possibly would organise a time to catch up to have a further discussion

STEP 2: The Planning Starts

 Let's meet  to start discussing the finer details/ideas for your wedding and designing your ceremony.
​Confirm your booking and finalise legal requirements .

Select your wedding package and make arrangements to pay deposit to secure my services.

Agree on rehearsal date 

STEP 3: Design the Ceremony

 I'll email  you a draft copy of the ceremony  with details of poems/readings/vows and timings

We will then make any adjustments ready for the big day. ​

Confirm rehearsal date.

STEP 4: Rehearsal

Full rehearsal with the bridal party

Timings confirmed and any adjustments made

STEP 5: Your Wedding Day

 Your wedding day is finally here. ​I will give you a call to confirm everything is on track.

 I'll arrive 45mins  prior to ceremony to ensure everything is organised  & ready to go.

 ​I'll attempt to  calm the groom  & check the bestman has the rings

 I'll leave the bride  to focus on getting ready  and  enjoy  her  wonderful day knowing that your ceremony is all taken care of.